The Stress Free Pets professional veterinary certification program will provide you with the skills and knowledge to reduce stress in the clinical environment and educate your clients while providing your patients with the care and treatment they need. 

Your investment will include the Stress Free Pets e-learning course.  Your annual membership benefits include access to a network of Stress Free Pets professionals, closed facebook group, ongoing CE and tools to implement and market your certification. 

The Course

Stress Free Pets for Vet Professionals is a certification course that consists of 11 modules for Veterinarians.  Each module concludes with a 10 question quiz to ensure understanding and certification standards are met.  Focusing on best practice, this self-paced course has been developed in collaboration with and is presented by Veterinary behaviour specialists and internationally recognised experts.  

On successful completion of all 11 modules you will obtain certification as a Stress Free Veterinary Professional.  A title only available to qualified Veterinary Nurses and Veterinarians. 

The Stress Free Veterinary Professionals course is RACE approved and registered for 11 hours of professional CE. 

Continual professional development: 

We are continually improving our courses and adding professional CE and tools for our members.  To ensure our education programs maintain the highest professional standard, our advisory board of Veterinary Behaviour Specialists regularly reviews all Stress Free Pets courses. 

Each year you will be required to maintain your professional certification with 4 hours of CE.  These 4 hours of professional CE are included in your annual membership.  Future topics of CE and modules include: 

  • Industry specific such as Stress Free approaches to veterinary emergencies.
  • Environment specific such as Veterinary emergency centers, shelters and day care. 
  • Species specific such as reptile and equine.
  • Advanced techniques including advanced cooperative care techniques. 


  1. Understanding canine body language: Canine communication
  2. Understanding feline body language: Feline communication
  3. Cooperative Care: Learning theory & training for the clinical environment
  4. Creating a Stress Free clinic environment 
  5. Recognising and reducing stress, fear and anxiety in the hospital environment
  6. Stress Free handling techniques #1
  7. Stress Free handling techniques #2: Our canine patients
  8. Stress Free handling techniques #3: Our feline patients
  9. Prevention of stress, fear and anxiety prior to arrival at the clinic
  10. Pharmaceutical choices for behaviour modification (vets only)
  11. Implementation and maintaining momentum of the ‘Stress Free’ Program


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